• Warbird Tourist Flights in Santa Fe

    Simply, there is no gift of greater value or inspirational return than a warbird tourist flight in Santa Fe, NM! This classic, beautifully restored WWII Warbird is fully aerobatic or a docile, panoramic piece of military nostalgia.   Read More
  • Reconnaissance Flight

    Man this Warbird, take the best seat, front, and crank up for a low level flight, you design, for 45 minutes. See, at 500 feet above the ground (AGL), the stunning northern new mexico scenery. Do close terrain flight following as military pilots do in Advanced Training.  Be at the controls. Read More
  • 45-Minute Flight

    Discover the thrill of being at the controls of this capable WWII warbird. See the Valle Caldera, the world's largest naturally formed crater. Do combat aerobatics or simply sightsee the incredible northern new mexico environment. Climb over Los Alamos, drop into the crater, skim over its surface, and end by doing aerobatics if you so desire. Read More
  • 30-Minute Aerobatic

    Spectacular Aerobatic Flight consists of a full hour + briefing as if you were a 'navy student pilot' preparing for air-to-air tactics. Regardless of your experience you will be briefed by a Navy F4 combat pilot on performing aerobatic procedures.  Read More
  • 30-Minute Sightseeing

    The 30 minute Sightseeing Flight enables you to view the Rio Grande River from above through an all-glass cockpit. You are fully 'strapped in'. Safety is paramount.  Read More
  • Don Symington

    Don Symington graduated from Princeton University in 1967. He earned his Navy wings as a Distinguished Naval Graduate, being selected to fly the F4 Phantom fighter. With 140 missions over North Vietnam and more than 200 'traps' aboard USS Midway he provides experience for all who fly with him. Read More
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