Flight FAQ

Do you have questions about a Santa Fe Warbird Tourist Flight? See if we've answered your question here. If not, submit your question on our contact page.

How safe is a warbird flight?

I take this responsibility very seriously. The plane has been fully restored to the point that I have been comfortable taking 9 year olds on flights. Annual inspections are done and pre-flight checks are always performed prior to warbird flights. When the airplane was fully restored in 2005, the engine was overhauled and each annual has shown the engine to be as sound as it would be if the overhaul was done last week. Learn more about the warbird here.

How many passengers do you take?

Your navy SNJ 6 Warbird seats the instructor in the back seat and customer up front.

Often, one, two, or three people anxiously await their turn in this beautifully restored airplane.

Normally, we 'hotseat' the next customer which means the engine is running as people trade places.

How do I deal with my anxiety with this adventure?

This is a classic piece of military history, and to be able to experience what all pilots in WWII were trained to do is an opportunity that is incomparable. Anxiety will always be present. The hour + spent briefing the flight and getting to know the pilot will make you more comfortable to where being airborne and experiencing the adrenalin rush erases anxiety with joy.

When is the best time to fly with you?

In the summer the first flight of the day should begin as early as possible, preferably 8 AM. The uniqueness of our program is the hour + we spend briefing each customer before flight. We get to know each other and tailor each flight accordingly.

What do your flights cost?

The price for each flight is underneath the descripton.

When should I eat solid food before flight?

One should eat a good meal one hour before flight as there will be an additional hour+ for briefing.

What should I wear for my Warbird flight?

Basically, wear light clothes for summer and layered clothing in winter.